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Summer Hair Glow set - Member Only

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*all our products are manufactured in Greece. 🇬🇷

The ultimate shine and hair protection set in the summer is here for you who are trying to grow your hair and want to take care of it properly and effectively! The Hair Glow Set includes our special Glossed Satin pillow case , the Magic hair extension oil and the carrying case to take them everywhere with you, even on vacation!

  • Your hair immediately becomes softer and smoother and with less frizz since our Glossed Pillowcase does not absorb its moisture
  • It stops hair breakage as there is no friction
  • Wrinkles created during sleep due to friction are reduced
  • Holds the hairstyle longer
  • Gentle on skin and hair
  • It stays cool allowing the skin to breathe
  • With side zipper

Use the Magic Oil for incredible length, reconstruction, shine and an end to breakage!

  • Visibly helps reduce hair loss
  • Strengthens and "fills" the hair
  • It stops breaking
  • Helps with hair length
  • Gives shine and softness

It helps to strengthen the length of the hair since it rebuilds it from the root and strengthens it while at the same time it also strengthens the new growth and gives natural shine and softness!

How to use it:

Before bathing

On the roots by lightly massaging and leaving it on for at least an hour before washing as a treatment to increase length. Offers reconstruction, stimulation of microcirculation. Lengthens hair. It stops breaking.

After bathing

On dry hair at the ends for protection from the sun and damage. Gives shine.

Its rich nutritious natural ingredients consist of 5 all-powerful oils that grow hair instantly while transforming your skin care into the most luxurious skin treat experience.

ABEAUTY Oil provides ingredients that have natural sun filters up to 20SPF for face, body and hair.

Clean | Vegan | Cruelty Free | 100% Natural Ingredients | Made in Greece

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