PLAYLIST – abeauty
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No "chores" ever again! Put on your favorite ALEXIASKIN makeup remover playlist, choose the song you like and do something beautiful for yourself: remove your makeup before going to bed!

It's the time of day when you've completed all your tasks, chores, obligations, or you're simply letting go of a wild night at home. As tempting as it may seem to skip your make-up remover and sleep as you are, don't give in to that thought! 

According to experts, sleeping with your makeup on sabotages the skin cell renewal process that our body does during sleep. Make-up residue that remains on your skin penetrates into deeper layers, resulting in clogged pores and acne and oiliness. *Learn more about cell renewal during sleep here. 

That's why, as makeup removal is the first and most important step in your beauty routine for healthy and glowing skin, ALEXIASKIN's "TAKE YOUR MAKEUP OFF" playlist is here to end your night relaxing and sweetly. Each song lasts about as long as it takes to remove your makeup with ALEXIASKIN reusable makeup remover pads!