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What to do if you ran out of makeup remover lotion

Sleeping without removing your makeup, in addition to being bad for your skin's health, leaves an unpleasant feeling of not being clean and also stains your pillow. Unfortunately, it has happened to all of us at some point that the makeup remover lotion runs out and the stores are closed. 

The next day is ultimately hard on our skin, since our skin at best appears oily while it is not at all unlikely that acne makes a grande appearance, oh God. However, there is always a way and once again nature has the answer. 

You can use coconut oil! Coconut oil, whether in its liquid or solid form, effectively removes even waterproof makeup. It is an excellent ally of yours in cases of need of this kind. A teaspoon of coconut oil on the face and eyes is enough. Lightly massage the oil into your skin for 2-3 minutes and then remove all residue with your ALEXIASKIN makeup remover pads. 

Their high-quality fabric made from organic fibers gently but effectively removes all types of makeup, offering a light exfoliation to your skin. ALEXIASKIN pads can also be used with all kinds of make-up remover products, michellar waters, lotions, balms and even oils without causing skin irritation, since they have non-toxicity and Fair Trade certifications.

You can choose your favorite ALEXIASKIN set here, in which you will also find the corresponding hair clip or hair ribbon depending on the set to remove your make-up without bother you or damage your hair. 

After using ALEXIASKIN do not throw them away! You can wash them in the washing machine or by hand and use them again and again! Learn more about their use and care here. 

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