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Pink Dreams NEW!



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*all our products are manufactured in Greece. 🇬🇷

Our pads improve their ergonomic shape even more!

x3 fluffier - x3 faster drying!

The iconic Pink Dreams found in Dragon's Den, now made even fluffier for an even more amazing makeup removal experience!

  • Removes makeup on few seconds
  • Use with any type of makeup remover
  • Helps limit acne-causing factors
  • Glowing skin in seconds
  • Suitable for face, eyes, lips and sensitive skin
  • Duration more than 1 year
  • They protect the environment
  • Cheaper up to €150 the time that would correspond to disposable makeup remover wipes/cotton
  • They are very easy to clean with a little warm water and soap
  • They do light exfoliation without disrupting the hydrolipid film of the skin

For perfect skin, use a few drops of the Magic Beauty Balm, lightly massaging the face and eyes. Moisten your pad with a little water and remove makeup residue without rubbing.

Enjoy the most delicious clean and hydrated feeling on your skin.

Environmental Consciousness x2

abeauty are the best of their kind because they are handmade in Greece! They are made of organic cotton, without chemical dyes, can be used with any type of makeup removal product and are absolutely friendly to any skin type. With OEKOTEX Standard 100 certified materials.

Hand and machine washable at 40 degrees with fabric softener.

Wash it in the washing machine before the first use.

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