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Glossed Satin Pillowcase Skin & Hair care Rose Pink

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If you are trying to grow your hair long and struggle with breakage, frizz and damaged ends then you are in the right place. Our special Glossed Satin pillowcase offers visible results in just a few days!

  • Hair instantly softer, smoother and hydrated
  • Stops breakage instantly as -43% less friction is achieved
  • Instant shine
  • Stop frizz
  • Longer styling time
  • Better results in skincare as the hydration stays on your skin
  • Reducing the time of appearance of wrinkles created during sleep due to friction
  • Better sleep quality - does not hold dust and mites

  • It stays cool allowing the skin to breathe
  • With side zipper
  • Cruelty Free
  • Machine washable - great durability
  • It doesn't slip

For incredible long results, combine it with the oil with the special dropper abeauty oil 30ml for hair oiling at the roots before every wash and see a spectacular difference in the reconstruction, length, hydration, protection and shine of your hair.

*all our products are manufactured in Greece. 🇬🇷

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