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Peachy Peachy- double-sided makeup remover pad Peach/ Pink



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Get ready to pamper your skin with our magical makeup remover pads straight from sunny Greece! Made from organic Egyptian cotton, these double-sided pads are like a spa day for your face, effortlessly wiping off makeup and giving your skin a gentle glow-up with any type of makeup removing product.

Prepare to be addicted to the pleasure of clean, renewed skin after just one use - as the pharmacists put it!

What's in store with ABEAUTY makeup remover pads:

Swipe off makeup in a flash, even waterproof formulas and it is suitable with any type of makeup removing product (balm, oil, micellar, lotion).

For flawless skin, apply a few drops of our Magic Beauty Oil or our Magic Beauty Balm with Beeswax and greek Almond and gently massage the face and eyes. Wet your disc with warm water and remove all the makeup for a clean and hydrated feeling.

Experience the Magic!

Bye-bye blemishes and hello radiant skin Lasts over a year Safe for face, eyes, lips, and sensitive skin. Provides a light exfoliation without stripping skin's natural glow. Free from chemical dyes, compatible with all makeup removers, and suitable for all skin types.

Key points to note: Certified organic Egyptian cotton by OEKO-TEX STANDARD 100 Each pad lasts over a year.

Save water and the planet by using reusable pads Economical and easy to clean - just a quick wash with warm water and soap. Hand or machine washable and dryer-friendly

Why ABEAUTY pads stand out: Crafted from premium organic Egyptian cotton, linked to acne-fighting and skin-soothing benefits.

Endorsed by pharmacists for top-notch quality.

Proudly made in Greece, shipped worldwide

Don't forget to give your pad a spin in the washing machine before its first use.

Enjoy the spa-like luxury of ABEAUTY makeup remover pads - because your skin deserves it!


Our innovative makeup remover pads are designed to seamlessly integrate into your beauty routine, enhancing not just your skin's appearance but also your overall skincare experience. The texture of the pads feels luxurious on your skin, making makeup removal a pampering ritual rather than a chore.

Join the Movement:

Embrace a sustainable beauty routine that values both personal care and environmental stewardship with ABEAUTY products, handmade in Greece using organic cotton without chemical dyes, suitable for all skin types.

Customer Testimonials:

  • "I love how these pads feel on my skin! They’re soft yet effective, and knowing that they are eco-friendly makes me feel good about my skincare routine." - Emily R.
  • "Switching to ABEAUTY has made such a difference. My skin looks clearer, and I don’t have to keep buying disposable pads." - Sarah L.

Join the ABEAUTY Community:

Follow us on social media to stay updated on our latest products, skincare tips, and eco-friendly beauty hacks. Share your ABEAUTY experience with us using #ABEAUTY for a chance to be featured on our page.

Thank you for choosing ABEAUTY! Together, we can make a difference, one pad at a time.




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