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Beauty Balm- Beauty balm



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A masterpiece of nature, in the sunniest color! The beauty balm that no home and no woman should miss.

Without chemicals and synthetic fragrances, 50ml.

abeauty balm locks in moisture and hydration of the skin and lips without clogging pores, strengthening nutrition and the epidermal barrier. Deeply moisturizing, this balm instantly relieves dry skin on the face, body and lips in both low and very high temperatures. As it contains almond oil, it is rich in antioxidants and vitamin E.

It has antimicrobial properties and is ideal for acne-prone skin as it provides protection against bacteria without causing dryness. Rich in natural vitamin A and natural collagen proteins, it gives fresh skin and makes fine lines more subtle by increasing skin elasticity.

As it stimulates microcirculation, it smoothes skin discolorations.

It helps relieve the symptoms of eczema and psoriasis.

How to use it:

  • As a lip balm for super hydrated lips
  • As an under-eye cream to reduce dark circles and fine lines
  • As a local relief from the symptoms of acne
  • On the body as a balm for burn or sun relief
  • On the body after shaving to relieve irritation
  • In hollow hands, elbows, heels

As a product to mix with makeup:

  • Mix it with the eye shadow, to make it richer in texture and color for a more intense "wet look" on the eyes
  • Mix it with your bold lipstick for the perfect creamy blush



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