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About Alexia Zaradouka

The creation of ALEXIASKIN reusable makeup remover pads came from my love for the beauty industry (in which I've been working for more than 10 years) and also from the urge to contribute for a better future for our planet, providing an actual solution for my niche. 

As a beauty blogger and a journalist for the past 10 years, I've been working on magazines, websites and TV shows and had the honor to have collaborated with hundrends of brands such as L'oreal, Estee Lauder, Biotherm, Armani, Sephora, etc. Through my journey as a beauty blogger I have realized the power that the beauty industry has and wanted to provide solutions to makeup this world a better and a more beautiful place. 

Furthermore, although makeup removal is the first and most important step for skincare, it quite underratted most of the times even by brands that have makeup removing products in their collection. 

Thus came the creation of ALEXIASKIN pads! After many trials, searches, changes, modifications, improvements, tests and tests we have concluded in the best materials in the world to take care of your skin.

My Reusable make-up removal pads have been created to save you from wasting money through the year in makeup removing methods that actually damage your skin and to help you remove your makeup up in just a few seconds. 

I promise you that after the first use you will realize that all these years using other methods were actually a total waste of your time. Your skin will instantly feel soft, clean and any signs of acne will fade day by day in a month of use.

With using our pads, you actually contribute for a better planet. It is estiamated that around 2 billions of people don't have daily access to water whlist 380lts of water are wasted for the haarvest of just 0.5kg of cotton made for disposable makeup removing pads. With every ALEXISKIN set that you use, you contribute to save around 4.000 ltrs of water per year per set! 

The use of reusable make-up removal pads may be just seem like a small thing but apart for the best skin ever it has a huge impact on the environment and is a big step forward towards a more sustainable future. 

I have put a lot of love into all of this, our products are made in Greece and most of them are handmade in small workshops to support the local community and I really hope you love the pads as much as I do. 

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With love,