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We want every woman to feel confident in herself and while we know very well that the most important way to achieve this is to take care of her soul and inner world, the self-confidence that gives you by taking care of yourself every day, it is an important boost to your mood and mental health.

We also want to live in a world where more children in third world countries laugh and play on their way to school instead of carrying buckets of drinking water as there is a significant water shortage problem.

We know that a woman's beauty routine can be a powerful tool for both herself and the environment. The effect of our beauty routine on our mood is undeniable. We wanted to multiply this positive effect while at the same time offering through it a significant positive impact on the environment!

According to The Water Project:

771 million people do not have access to clean drinking water every day while they have to walk about 30 minutes to the nearest water source to serve their personal needs in hygiene, cooking, cleaning.

At the same time, for just half a kilo of disposable cotton intended for make-up removal products, at least 380 liters of water are needed for its cultivation.

At ALEXIASKIN BEAUTY we have a vision to create products in Greece that cover more than one need of women: skin care, economy, environmental protection and this is what we do, with zeal and enthusiasm.

At the same time, we make sure to support volunteer groups in our country in practice and with manual work, contributing with love to our fellow human beings who are in need. You can learn more here.

Thank you for being here. We have a lot more to create with you!