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4 reasons to never sleep with your makeup on again

Coming home in the evening after a hard day can be particularly comforting. Especially at that moment when you remove your clothes and shoes, the feeling can be indescribably heavenly. Maybe most of the time due to tiredness you flirt with the idea of ​​skipping your make-up remover and going to sleep exactly as you are, ok we get it. *But there are ways to make removing your make-up a more pleasant process, even in the most "difficult" hours, see here.

But why should we never neglect to remove our make-up before going to bed?

As tempting as it is to sleep with your makeup on, because "who takes it off now," removing it is very important to your skin's health according to dermatologists. See the main reasons below.

Aging of the skin is accelerated and oxidation is created

Not removing make-up during sleep - unfortunately - blocks the skin's natural anti-aging process. During the day, our skin comes into contact with free radicals and pollutants found in the atmosphere. While we may use products with antioxidant protection every day, a percentage of free radicals and other skin stressors mix in with your makeup. A part of them is repelled by the skin due to the protective products you use, but another part is absorbed by the skin along with your makeup with which you sleep. These free radicals can break down the skin's natural collagen, creating wrinkles and premature aging.

The use of your night cream is useless

One of the reasons the beauty products you use may not seem to be working may be your habit of not removing your makeup before bed. During the day, our skin is filled with oil, germs, free pollutants and naturally also has makeup products on its surface.Not removing all of the above clogs the pores of the skin, so if you apply any skincare product to clean skin, the result is worse. The ingredients of the skincare products cannot penetrate the skin, resulting in even more congestion in your pores .

You wake up with dull skin or even acne

Most make-up products have an oily base, which causes pores to clog more easily. Not removing your makeup at night leads to dull skin in the morning, with even more oiliness. In other words, you create conditions of stress and suffocation in your skin which does not "breathe" and does not "moisturize".

Eye irritations are caused

Makeup products may be dermatologically tested and of course loved and used by all women every day, but they are not designed to be slept on! Sleeping with your mascara, eye shadow or eyeliner on can often cause eye irritation, itching and infections as parts of the make-up rub off on your eyelashes and then on your skin and eyes. In addition, a frequent result of sleeping with makeup on your eyes is the formation of cysts on the eyelids.

This is why it is very important to remove your makeup EVERY night before you sleep. With ALEXIASKIN reusable makeup removal pads, removing your makeup becomes a breeze! Just two to three minutes are needed to remove your makeup quickly, simply and effectively without burdening the environment. ALEXIASKIN makeup remover pads are created from certified fair trade materials without toxic and allergenic agents and are reusable. After each use, you can wash them by hand or in the washing machine along with other clothes of the same color.

You will find them in various designs and designed for various needs.You can choose between the ALEXIASKIN Sets, which include 10 make-up removal trays, a skincare hair band and a bone so that you are not disturbed when removing your make-up, or choose the Beginners Set to try this make-up removal method for the first time, which you we guarantee you will LOVE

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